Management 3.0


7: How to empower teams

120: Managers create Motivational Debt by being bossy. People don't want to be told what to do, they want to be asked. And they may not agree.

121: It is better to be "one-minute manager" than full time manager

122: People Managers don't know much about managing people. They never read:
First Break All The Rules, Peopleware, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

124: Giving power to your people doesn't diminish your own status. Quite the reverse. It is more likely to increase it.

125: Choose the right maturity level for the person:
Low Maturity: Low risk; like organizing integration parties
Medium Maturity: Medium Risk; interviewing job candidates
High Maturity: High Risk; Crucial product decisions for the company

126: Choose the right authority level:

  1. Tell - Tell what to do (no empowerment)
  2. Sell - Tell what to do, but try to sell to coworkers
  3. Consult - Ask for advice on decision, but decide yourself
  4. Agree - Ask for agreement on decision
  5. Advise - Delegate, but advise how it should be done
  6. Inquire - Delegate but inquire from time to time
  7. Delegate

132: See for: Delegation checklist for choosing right maturity level and authority level

134: Delegation is an investment. People first will be less performative than you yourself.

136: Explicitly stating what is your delegation checklist will help you discuss what can be improved, when you fuck up, with the person you report to. Relates to: Presentation - Being Explicit

136: Working environment should be perfectly balanced between wellbeing of employees and other requirements. Relates to: Your work shouldn't obstruct other people work

139: You earn trust from people just by simply doing stuff you committed to; see Building Trust

140: If you want to be trusted, then first trust yourself. Learn to create plans that you can fulfill.

143: To know what people think about you, just ask those questions:

  • What is it that I should stop doing
  • What is it that I should start doing
  • What is it that I should continue doing