Meetings with Agnieszka Cieslawska

2022-09-19 Facilitations and whatnots

Principles generation

As a retrospective chilling on 2022-09-03 Generacja Pryncypalek.

Purpose: Create principles for Hackerspace Pomorze
Result: List of the principles in the md document


No.TechniqueDescriptionCognitive Feedback
11-2-4Remember good and bad situations and share them to get feedback if they are understandable and inspire othersPeople were not quite inspired with other people's situations and didn't get much feedback on their cards
25 whys in pairUnderstanding why this situations were important for usIt greatly refined and reduced situations to the core
3reduction in foursGrouping in four people groups to reduce the amount of duplicateswe finally didn't do it
4Min SpecsGenerate principles and reduce them to meet all the situationsHere a friend took over initiative as it would be too much - we came into synchronous way of doing, grouping and generating

We created quite a big list of principles covering most of our culture - Lista pryncypalek hsp

Idea for workshop

  1. On the small meeting get ideas of the important lifecycles in the lifecycle of the company
  2. Organise panarchy workshop and for each ecocycle try to assign DomainDrivenDesign and Project Management techniques used
  3. Use Shift&Share using half of the group of each table to share the findings

Ad. Principles Generation

15% solutions - rozwiązanie
Burza mózgów -> Grupowanie Kartek -> Dot Voting -> 5 Why w grupach? -> Często nie trzeba Min Specsów używać, dać tylko porozmawiać
Zdefiniowanie obszarów
Zdefiniowanie ilości pryncypiów
Wierzyć w mądrość ludzi i nie trzeba min specsów używać
Po czym poznam, że to działa
Za dużo liberating structures też może ograniczyć
Negatywny język w pryncypałkach
P2P by zdefiniować najpierw wartości

Facylitacja ma dzielić osoby na mniejsze grupy, albo zaangażować wszystkich w dużych
Nie za dużo technik
Skupić się na wartościach najpierw

Ad. Idea for workshop

Precise what needs to be defined on the poster!!!
Define exactly the value
Do we need first time with ecocycle on something easier
Panarchy? Or different lifecycle

[ ] Read more about lifecycle
[ ]
[ ] Poczytać liberatorsów
[ ] Jaka jest alternatywa do lifecycl, która lepiej pasuje?

[ ] Simon Wardley - watch him
[ ]