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Hlexan Architecture

Links DDD-GDA - Domain Driven Design Gdańsk My Linkedin @ksidelta My own notes: [ Ready to use architecture for small projects…

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Biedny Ojciec Bogaty Ojciec I have to learn how to quickly browse books to find the information I really need Wyobrażanie sobie sytuacji po…

Published on 4 hours ago

The Root

Prioritised documents for now [ Things to learn|Things to learn ] [ My Working Process ] [ DDD-GDA Control plane|Control Plane ] [ Me as a…

Published on 4 hours ago

Packing Up

Process for packing up for a journey Toothbrush Power! Medicine Clothes Books? Towel?

Published on 4 hours ago

Meetings with Michal Giergielewicz

2023-02-24 Być jak architekt Birth Understanding why something is done (5whys) First you need to understand the architecture, then work on…

Published on 4 hours ago

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