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DDD-GDA Event Template - DDD-GDA $DATE

Links Event Survey? Presentation Posts ??? People Linkedins ??? Before Event Title Description Co: ??? Dla Kogo: ??? Dlaczego: ??? Jak…

Published on a minute ago

DDD-GDA Meritocratic Strategy

Meritocratic Strategy Summary Mission: Extend proper DDD usage to more and more companies in Pomerania Vision: Create the most engaging…

Published on 2 hours ago

Design Thinking in Kolonia Artystow

Event V2 Data: 07/01/2022 Godzina: 18-20:30 Warsztat: Design Thinking - Crash Course Czym jest Design Thinking: Design Thinking to zbiór…

Published on 17 hours ago


Meeting Agenda kolejne spotkanie strategia i spotkania na rok sponsorzy ksiazki do zamowienia Minutes Kolejne Spotkanie Plan Krótka…

Published on a day ago

Table of Knowledge

Person Type Category Title Olo Book Frontend You don't know js Piotr Book Frontend JS Tutorial Piotr Book Architecture Clean Architecture…

Published on a day ago

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