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The Root

[ The Process ] Prioritised documents for now [ Things to learn|Things to learn ] [ My Working Process ] [ DDD-GDA Control plane|Control…

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Me as a team leader

Nice Links: [ What I want to do in my life ] For le company Growth Path: Vision: Team leader with a large amount of time, so I can optimize…

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Personal Base

Introduction Let's base it on my values and maslov's pyramid of needs . My values: Other [ People I am looking for ] [ Ideal Woman ]

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Lean Coffee + Troika at Confitura

Troika consulting/Lean Coffee na Confi Grupa docelowa Midzi i seniorzy, którzy swoje już widzieli i prezentacje mogą nie interesować Osoby…

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The Process

Beggining findProcess findProcessPlace Cafe Conference Dancing Home Work Hackerspace Meetup Meetup Organizer Cafe [ Personal Base ] [ Topics…

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