(2021-12-29) Meeting With Piotr Trębacz - about

I met with Piotr Trębacz.
Recently, we met in Sultan Club for a talk about consulting, especially aboutAccenture.
We talked about different thoughts:


Everything is measurable

We were talking how to measure the impact of code refactor.
He said that Metrics like Sprint Velocity may be used.

Measure the architecture by the simplicity of question answering

Sometimes we want to ask a question to our code: how to change something or how is something working. Different architecture may make it easier to answer one question, but possibly harder to answer another. However, good architecture should thrive to answer all questions as easy as possible.

Measure stuff into the money

If you can measure how much will the change save the company,
then you have a higher hand in the negotiations and your worth.


Accenture is a consulting company where they give a whole team to execute a project a company wants. They don't outsource people - they do projects.

It is a good idea to go for consulting if you are flexible, want to grow and are not afraid of the change.

Soft skills

Reading books about negotiations may easily make you money, and it is measurable.
Also, reading management books may be profitable, but learning how people work and how to communicate with them may be more.


Organizing meetups in pandemic times is hard because people totally changed and are too lazy to go for offline events.


Asking Questions is the best base for conversation