DDD-GDA Control plane

Control Plane


Primary Driver - Person who is responsible for something and should be bothered at any time
Secondary Driver - Supporting people that can help with something, but are not fully responsible for something

NamePrimary DriverSecondary DriverDescription
DDD-GDA Meritocratic StrategyPiotr SuwałaGrzegorz Kotfis, Michał Giergielewicz, Sławomir Fanslau, Wojtek Ptak?Defining topics and direction for future meetings
Event StructurePiotr SuwałaOrganising Agenda and speakers for the next event
Meetup OrganizationPiotr SuwałaCreating event and its description on meetup.com
Place OrganizationPiotr SuwałaOrganising a place, food
Ammunition OrganizationPiotr SuwałaOrganising materials needed for conducting a workshop
Leading EventPiotr SuwałaLeading Event
Marketing for membersPiotr SuwałaGrzegorz KotfisMarketing on Twitter, Linkedin and to our friendly companies for people
Organising speakersPiotr SuwałaOrganising speakers to fit our current needs
Company RelationsPiotr SuwałaMax PilżysCreating close relationships with companies
Looking for sponsorshipsPiotr SuwałaLooking for fundings so we can import interesting speakers and have fancy things
Supporting presentation designPiotr SuwałaHelping speakers in creating their presentation/workshops
WriterPiotr SuwałaMaking Notes and processes
OptimizerPiotr SuwałaOptimizing Processes


NameResponsibilitiesResponsibility LevelDrivers
LogisticsPlace Organisation, Ammunition OrganizationHighPiotr Suwała
MarketingMarketing for members, Company Relations, Looking for sposorshipsLowCompanies?, Piotr Suwała, Grzegorz Kotfis
LeadershipDDD-GDA Meritocratic Strategy, Organising Speakers, Supporting Presentation DesignMediumPiotr Suwała, Grzegorz Kotfis, Tomasz Fanslau(?)
ExecutionEvent Structure, Meetup Organisation, Leading EventHighPiotr Suwała
Support (Platform Team)Writer, OptimizerLowPiotr Suwała

Timetable of a Meetup

Reserve a place-4 weeksLogistics
Create a draft of the event on meetup.com-3 weeksExecution
Discuss The Strategy for 3 next meetings (2 dinners in Gdańsk + Rumia)-3 weeksLeadership
Find a speaker-3 weeksLeadership
Update an event on meetup.com-2 weeksExecution
Market the event on linkedin/twitter-2 weeks🍍Marketing
Help with a presentation-2 weeksLeadership
Buy needed materials-1 weekLogistics
Test Run, if needed, then pivot or preserve-1 weekExecution
Send a reminder via meetup.com-1 day🍍Marketing
Once a time, a meeting0Execution
Network for speakers for the next meeting0Leadership
Taking photos0🍍Marketing
Handle the group on the li/fb1 week🍍Marketing
Add photos to the meetup group1 week🍍Marketing
Store findings on the digital garden1 weekSupport
Look for sponsors2 weeksExecution

Processes and dependencies

actorsMarketingSupportLeadershipExecutionMarket event on the facebook/linkedin/twitterSend a reminder via meetup.comTaking PhotosHandle the group on li/fbAdd photos to the meetup groupDiscuss StrategyFind a speakerHelp with a presentationNetwork for the new speakersCreate a draft of the event on meetup.comCreate linkedin/twitter post about an eventOnce a time, a meetingRetrospectiveFind new sponsorsStore findings on the digital garden

Event Structure

  1. Sponsor Introduction
  2. Networking
  3. Main part (usually interactive)
  4. Retrospective
  5. Dinner for organisers

Meetup Organisation

Structure of the meetup event description

  • Definition of Event
    • What
    • How
    • Why
    • Who
    • For Whom
  • Small Agenda
  • Meetings Before
    • Bright Inventions, Dynatrace


Alchemia Platinum Tower: parking dla gości znajduje się na poziomie +3.  


Na ochronie wystarczy powiedzieć, że idziecie do Dynatrace na 8. piętro i okazać dowód osobisty.  

Po wyjściu z windy na 8. piętrze jedne drzwi będą otwarte – zapraszamy do środka ! 😊Na miejscu będą umieszczone strzałki kierujące Was do DevOne HUB.

Data on number of people

Meetup DatePeople DeclaredPeople attendingConversionApproach
25-08-2022261660%Lean Coffee
21-09-202235~35~100%Workshop + Hot topic and hot person xD + Calling for confirming attendance 2days before
??-10-2022241665%Workshop + Accidentially forced invitations not shown on meetup ;-;
??-11-2022501630%Presentation + Interview - post on li not very engaging, no reminder before a meeting?


Survey DatePeople On EventFilled SurveysConversionApproach
03/10/2235617%Email from meetup + Bad email subject
31/10/22161275%Well formed email + lot of QR codes / advertising on meetup

Leading Event

  • Introduction Presentation
    1. Title
    2. Sponsors
    3. Roadmap (before, after)
    4. Previous Retrospective
    5. Current Retrospective
    6. Agenda
  • Impromptu Networking?
  • Main part
  • Retrospective/Networking
    • Ask people for a dinner(?)
    • Ask people for a strategy(?)


  • Pizza may not get cold (go for it in 5 minutes of arrival)

Place Organization

List of places

O430/50110 - 200zł/h netIzabela Paluch
Starter100110zł/h netrezerwacje@inkubatorstarter.pl

Organising Speakers

List of speakers

Piotr SuwałaFacilitation/Workshops/PresentationsDomain Story TellingTricityNone
Sławomir Fanslau?/Workshops/PresentationsAnalyzing, modelling, strategic designTricityNone?
Michał Koszałka?/PresentationsKotlin/DDDTricityNone
Grzegorz Kotfis?/PresentationsKotlin/DDDTricityNone
Michał GiergielewiczWorkshop/PresentationsTactical DDD/ESTricityNone?
Damian PłazaWorkshop/PresentationDDDTricityNone?
Oskar Dudycz???Event SourcingWrocław?Expense Coverage?
Mariusz GilWorkshops/PresentationsDDD Consultancy/ModellingWrocław???
Radek Maziarka?/Workshops/PresentationsEvent Storming/Modelling/Bounded ContextsWrocław?Expense Coverage

Please adjust the topics to the Current Plan


  • Usually it is good to start from the sponsors

Company Relations

See more in Company Relations

This is source of truth of corporations, use it and update: Companies in Tricity

Bright InventionsAgata Piwko⭐Yes⭐Yes(12-09-22) ⭐YesSmall
DynatraceMonika Serafin⭐Yes???(12-09-22) ???⭐100+ ppl
Startup HouseEwelina Wilanowska??????(10-10-22) Big chances :)???
ObjectivityBartosz Wojtasiak???⭐Yes(12-09-22) ???Maybe
SilkyCoders??????(12-09-22) In Progress????
AllegroEmployer Branding??????(10-10-22) Not this year???
KainosMichalina Kowalik??????(12-09-22) In Progress????
SimployerSebastian CzarneckiProlly Yes
DAC.DIGITALJustyna PelcYes (but limited to Java/Kotlin/IoT)Prolly NotMaybe for Java/Kotlin/IoTMax 20-30 people
Spartez/AtlassianKatarzyna RóżyckaWrong person to contactWrong person to contactNoNo


Function Purpose: Build company relations so we can cooperate with them
Expected Results: Fill and develop this table and Companies in Tricity


  • On linkedin look for people in a given company - look for employer branding, then hrs, then others
  • Write to few people (for example 2-3 ppl), even if it is not urgent
  • Try to arrange a meeting to seal the deal
    • When arranging the meeting be clear with its agenda
    • Agenda should cover things needed to cover all the fill in tables
  • It is good to start with a note containing information about DDD meetup
    • What is DDD
    • For whom it is


Writing Notes on a Meeting


  • Links
    • Recordings
    • Materials
    • Meetup
  • Retrospective
  • Photos
  • Leader Notes
    • Idea
    • Agenda