DDD-GDA Meritocratic Strategy

Meritocratic Strategy

Vision - Purpose To Practice


  • Gather intel how to organise best meetup & make proper DDD more recognizable in Tricity
  • Organise engaging meetups that give more energy than they take
  • Create an extensive instruction about organising meetups
  • Prepare people to use DDD techniques in their work
  • Make DDD used wider at Tricity companies
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing between companies


  • Cooperate with different sponsors, so we can easily get people and advertising from different companies
  • Use engaging techniques, so people will get more energy than they lose
  • Support the community lifecycle
    • First: Pick topics that can be used even in non DDD environment + build awareness of DDD
    • Second: Introduce techniques that allow for migrating to DDD environment + build awarenes of the need of change
    • Third: Introduce techniques for improving DDD environment
    • Fourth: Facilitate experience sharing
  • Delegate as much of the work on the meetup to other people, so we can share knowledge and bring new perspective into it
  • Always get feedback, to create a better meetup and develop proper instruction for organising it


  • Developers - so there is talent that can properly use DDD
  • Managers, Leaders - to build awareness and need of DDD in projects in people who have the power
  • Facilitators - so DDD techniques can be swiftly applied without slashback

Structure: TBD


  1. Mob workshop building - so we can together in a group create a new workshops
  2. Workshops
  3. Lean Coffee
  4. Gathering Information: Generating topics ->



This plan has a lot of uncertainty and rather is a base for planning

  1. Growth - building knowledge and webbing in the community (Ecocycle)
    1. Build awareness of DDD and teach techniques of understanding the domain
    2. Teach technical implementation of tactical domain (Entities, Value Objects, Event Sourcing , Architecture around it)
    3. Build awareness of strategic design (Wardley Mapping, Defining Boundary Contexts, Team Topologies?)
    4. Technical Design of architecture at scale (Event Driven Architecture)
    5. Project Management tools around DDD
  2. Maturity - people know how to use DDD; tackling with problems and optimising
    1. Convincing to use DDD
    2. Refactoring around DDD
    3. How to build teams around DDD
    4. Coping and describing complexity
  3. Creative Destruction
    1. Whole scale retrospectives
    2. Discussions
  4. Renewal
    1. Handover of DDD leadership to DDD community

Meeting topics

-2Domain Story Telling
-1Lean Coffee
0Event StormingTeach how to explore big picture domain
1Domain Story TellingTeach how to explore specific paths of our domain
2Mapping of easy cases by ES and DSTTeach how can we map example to ready to implement blueprint
3Lean CoffeeUnleash creativity that we can use for planning and have some chillin' time
4.1Creating workshop on Aggregates, Factories, RepositoriesBuild in group a workshop covering many languages
4.2Executing workshop on Aggregates, Factories, RepositoriesTeach group how to finally implement what we have learned