Me as a team leader

Nice Links:

For le company

Growth Path:

Senior DevTeam LeaderArchitectSolution ArchitectHero Consultant

Team leader with a large amount of time,
so I can optimize processes and improve organization.

What I can give you:

  • DDD/Event Storming
  • Facilitation
  • Clean Architecture/Hexagonal Architecture
  • Process Improvement/Distillation
  • Making Notes of EVERYTHING
  • Help in workshops & Presentations
  • Build TL guild

What I want:

  • 40-60% time for autonomous initiatives
  • DDD!!!
  • Great Autonomy
  • MONEY (How can I buy an apartement in this Economics without a credit?)
  • Being support not the stressed pivot
  • Contribute to open source
  • Go in consultant direction

My idea for leadership:

  • What I like best matrix
    • Development Responsibilities
    • Speaker predispositions
    • Business Responsibilities
    • Knowledge Sharing Responsibilities
    • Leadership Responsibilities
    • Purpose: Give people to do stuff they really love
  • Theory X/Y
    • Purpose: Don't take unmotivated people for the critical responsibilities / give them repetetive boring stuff xd
  • I want to create a new leader from a team
    • How: By making notes of my routines and sharing them with people
  • 1 minute manager
    • Invest only 40% of time for a team