Meta Garden

Meta Garden

New Simple Process

Just start from the root and then refactor


of inputting data

PhoneNotesRANDOM THOUGHTSUnrefined AggregatesTablesTopic Pages

of using data


  • As a meetup organizer, I want to find contacts for my speakers etc
  • As a presenter, I want to gather data for my presentation
As a presenter, I want to gather data for my presentation
  1. Create a presentation
  2. Browse all Tables for any important informations
  3. Traverse any important informations for related stuff
  4. Write everything in presentation page
  5. Start structurizing presentation
    1. Choose presentation style
    2. Compare it using service blueprint layers:(presentation structure, slides, information, text said)
  6. ???
  7. profit

Garden Consists of

  • Large Tables - Containing all possible information on given entity, usually containing all informations from different contexts
  • Tables - The big aggregators of information which for example point to all books usually in some context
  • Unrefined Aggregates - Random information put into given category
    • Log - unrefined data in given article, commonly is: thoughts, bash history, whatever
    • Random Thoughts - Random information not yet put into given category - they should contain the entry and the date, later the link where the data got put
  • Topic Pages - Pages on given topic in given context, usually having a link from the table
  • Prototypes/Templates - As in javascript you can use prototypical programming and create trees of templates that inherit with each other.


  • Context - treat it as a little bounded context. For example list of all companies for one meetup is in different context than for other meetup and should have different fields from the large table


  • Which categories use which categories? Please define
  • Note all possible transformations for digital garden!!!
    • Extract data to common file and link it