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task modify 14 priority:M
task 3 priority:L
task modify 3 priority:L
task add napisac o ilustratorke do cytryny scheduled:2022-09-02
task modify 15 scheduled:2022-09-22
task add ogarnac prelegenta na DDD priority:H
task add zorganizować event DDD due:2022-09-07 depends:16,12



(1/5) 'Writeable' context

Background - what is context?
The 'context' is a feature (introduced in 2.5.0) that allows users to apply a
predefined filter to all task reports.

$ task context define work "project:Work or +urgent"
$ task context work
Context 'work' set. Use 'task context none' to remove.

Now if we proceed to add two tasks:
$ task add Talk to Jeff pro:Work
$ task add Call mom pro:Personal

$ task
ID Age   Project Description  Urg
 1 16s   Work    Talk to Jeff    1

The task "Call mom" will not be listed, because it does not match
the active context (its project is 'Personal' and not 'Work').