List of people

NameCompanyPositionConnection DescriptionMeeting Page
Michał SamujloAtlassianTeam LeaderMy previous Team Lead in Atlassian
Bartosz WojtasiakObjectivityEmployer BranderBy Karolina Krzelowska we helped organize 1st Pi3Meetings with Bartosz Wojtasiak
Bartosz CytrowskiAtlassianSenior Frontend EngineerThe warmest frontend developer I worked with
Grzegorz KotfisConsultantTech LeaderWe met on DDD-GDA indexMeetings with Grzegorz Kotfis
Michał KoszałkaBright InventionsSenior/Tech LeaderWe met at Kotlin User Group and now we cooperate on DDD-GDA
Sławomir FanslauConsultantDDD Analysis/SolutionsWe met on some random meetup from Codete
Grzesiu (Haggis)???Frontend DevWe know each other from Hackerspace Trójmiasto
Yashikuto???Frontend DevWe met on one of the open days
Karolina KrzelowskaTASKJunior DevWe met on one of my random events (lean startup)
Rafał MaciągEvent Modelling
Michał GiergielewiczGetResponseArchitectM8 I met at ES: Fast Track; He really likes DDD
Agnieszka Cieslawska???Agile CoachWe met on Pi3; were talking about Liberating StructuresMeetings with Agnieszka Cieslawska
Andrzej KrzywdaOne of Ruby DDD ppl
Sławomir SobótkaBottegaPresidentoWe met at YavaConf and together drove to meetup at Sii